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Seeking light through darkness
Bleeding time
Seeking time through darkness
Bleeding light into the night

Media and politicians lie everyday
While we throw our freedom away
Horror war and slavery
Humanity must be set free

Open your third eye
Only then shall you cease to be blind

Materialization of my third eye
Illuminating the darkness
I come to the realization my kind might die
As I peer into infinite darkness

Light up the sky
Watch them die

Send in the drones
Destroy all the homes
Leave nothing left of their children but bones

Making a killing in the business of war
Soldiers know not what they are fighting for

Wars and genocide as of yet untold
What will our future hold as it all unfolds?

Enslavement is easy when you are king
The ignorant masses don't know a fucking thing

The time has come to eliminate the scum
The time has finally come



from TERMINUS OCCULTUS, released September 1, 2013




NUTRITION Salinas, California

Formed in early 2009 by Jeremy Mauney & Roland La Goy.

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